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    James “Jay” Rybak

    The Gardevoir told me,There is no need to fear. I will not invade your private thoughts willingly.”

    I took a breath of relief as I heard that my private thoughts would not be discovered. I dislike it when anyone, excluding those who I trust the most,discovers my private thoughts. When I was a young child of seven years of age,I shared one of my secrets with one of my former friends. My former friend promised me to keep the secret a secret. However, he told other people in my class about my secrets when I was a young child. Eventually, the secret was twisted like how words could be twisted like the game, Telephone. Rumors began about me, and I had lost most of my friends. I never shared my secrets again as I was afraid of being harassed by others.

    “I see that you are an artist. I love art. Personally, I find that charcoal is a great tool.”

    I snapped out of my flashbacks when I heard Tetra make a comment about art. I loved to discuss about art. I replied to the Gardevoir with excitement,”My favorite mediums would be acrylic paint and pencils. Acrylic paint is very versatile.Acrylic paint is able to mimic the effects of watercolor paint when watered down. Heavy body acrylic paint is able to mimic the effects of oil paint. Pencils and color pencils are useful for quick sketches, but they can also be used for long term art. If you need tips on art, I would recommend going to a website named ARTdeviants. The website has many useful tutorials.”

    The Gardevoir pushed her plate to the side, and stood up. Tetra moved her chair closer to me. She gave an Oran berry to my Starly. My Starly was eating the Oran berry, and was nibbling it with his beak. My Starly chirped with shreets and tweets along with the other two bird Pokemon to the Gardevoir.


    Out of the blue, a Gardevoir gave me an Oran berry.

    The Gardevoir spoke to me telepathically, “I am sorry that I allowed that Quilava to attack you. I hope that we can become friends.”

    “Nah, that was alright. It’s all in the past now. Thanks for that Oran berry. You are welcome to become my friend at anytime. The more, the merrier. You are the awesomest Pokemon in the world, well the awesomest Pokemon before me,” I exclaimed as I started nibbling on the Oran berry again.

    Samuel spoke up with a strict voice,” Nalafari, I would prefer it if you would stop boasting about yourself. I apologize for Nalafari’s manners. He is very arrogant and has a large ego.”

    Ego…Ego…EGO!? Dang you Samuel! Why would I have a big ego? The awesomest Pokemon in the world does not have a large ego. I am too awesome for large egos. I taunted Sam,”Sammy Sammy Sammy, you must know about that time. Would you like me to tell that Gardevoir about what happened? Well, what happened was…”

    My mouth was suddenly blocked by Sam’s right wing. Everything I started saying was muffled. Okay Sam, you are now twenty percent less awesome than before.

    Sam spoke to the Gardevoir,”I apologize for Nalafari’s behavior again. He’s in a quite rambunctious period today.”

    Emi chirped,”Thank you Miss Tetra for giving Nalafari an Oran berry. It is a pleasure to meet you. I would be glad to be your friend.”

    And so, the conversations went on between the Gardevoir, me, and my two flock mates.

    James “Jay” Rybak

    I put my notebook back into my messenger bag. I looked up to see Ethan with a face pale as a ghost, and he had some injuries from searching for the Quilava’s Pokeball. Ethan placed some money on the table, and hustled outside of the restaurant. I knew there was something wrong, and I had to help him. I placed the amount of money that I used to order my salad, on the table. I also placed the amount of money for the professor and his Pokemon’s salad, Orange’s sandwich, and their orders.

    I took out Samuel and Emil’s Pokeballs and opened them for the red light to engulf them back into the Pokeballs. I put the Pokeballs in my pocket,and Nalafari perched on my shoulder. I quickly told the professor, Tetra, and Orange that I need to find Ethan to apologize to him. As I was about to rush out of the restaurant,I heard Orange say,"Jay! You wanna go talk to him? I think Ethan looks sad... Maybe it’s our fault? Sorry Sir, I'm gonna have to run off. With or without Jay. So, Jay, you coming?"

    I quickly answered,”Sure!”

    I ran out of the restaurant as swift as I could and out to the outside world. I saw Ethan heading south to the volcano. I told my Starly to use Tailwind. The winds started to blow southwards, and causing my speed to accelerate. I opened Nalafari’s Pokeball, and the red light of the Pokeball brought Nalafari back into the Pokeball. Hopefully, the Starly would not pop out of his Pokeball randomly. I ran as rapid as I could towards Ethan, and I went ahead of Orange. I had to scamper around the crowds of people in the busy town of Oak Town, and made several turns to avoid hitting people on the streets.

    Once I arrived at the base of the volcano, I hid behind a giant rock that was large enough to cover me. I wasn’t sure how to approach Ethan. I felt nervous and frightened. I felt like everything bad that occurred was caused by me. I felt like I was the reason who caused Ethan to run away. I was the reason I caused the fight between the Pokemon. I am a stupid trainer; I’ve failed the world, my most important goal,to be able to help everyone for the harmony of the world. I was still edgy about approaching Ethan. What if he sees me and runs away again? What if he throws a temper tantrum at me? What if he becomes rude to me?

    I decided to take two deep breaths like I did before to calm myself down. However, no matter how many deep breaths I took, they did nothing to help me right now. I walked out of the shade of the large rock that hid me, and walked timidly to Ethan. I sat down on another rock near Ethan’s rock.

    I started to meekly stutter,”H-hi Ethan, I-I’m sorry if I-I had caused everything bad that occurred recently. I-Iadmit that I-I’m an idiot. I-It was my fault that I had caused that fight between our Pokemon. I-I apologize if I-I had upset you o-or anything. I-I can’teven help anyone. I-I’m really sorry about all of this. I-I know apologies probably a-aren’t enough. I-In fact, I-I shouldn’t even belong on this island; I shouldn’t even be in this world any longer. I-I am just the scum of the earth. I-I’m sorry about everything.”

    ((Jay was actually serious about his apologies and the somewhat suicidal part.))
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