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    I have stopped watching Pokemon, and have lost the interest of it, for it was getting too ridiculous. When I was young, I knew Pokemon for it's funny, and adventurous theme. It seemed as if there was a challenge for the protagonist (Ash Ketchum,) and he always had questions, and remarks that lead to more problems. Just by Ash doing that, created humor, and fun. It caused Misty, and Brock to fight, and Ash will try to break the fights, and Ash will then again get into the fights. It was the perfect idea when Pokemon started; the character development and dialog was astonishing/brilliant. Now... it seems like you do not get to know these characters, and if you do, they are full of useless fillers. Pokemon is not what it use to be, and they should have just ended it after Misty left. Not even... long before that. It makes me cry thinking about the times of Pokemon, and looking at it now; oh how much it developed.
    I love Pokemon! haha, and here is a good website on learning how to draw Pokemon :D How to Draw Pokemon
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