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Fester and Rose

"Dear god Rose did you hear that! They've discovered another boss, indeed we must take part." Fester yelled, voice echoing down the caves.

"Are you sure I am strong enough, I don't want to die..." Rose was quiet nervous, even if everyone in the cave went, she wouldn't feel safe. "May e we should stay and see what's behind this door."

"Nonsence! I missed the last few andIll be damned if I miss this one!" He turned and started running toward the entrance, "I'll go with or without you! There is something to kill, and it isn't behind that door." Rose tried hard to catch up.

"But Fester you don't know the way out..." She yelled. SE saw him begin to glow and eventually disappear. "He used a teleportation crystal!?" She became angry, and then scared. She pulled out her own and sighed, "I hope I don't die from this." Her heart was racing as she was ported to the floor's teleporters area. She sawFester standing there terrified.

"I seem to have forgotten this devil of nature..." He was petrified, "Please tell me there is another way."

Rose sighed, although this meant she wouldn't have to do the boss, it also meant they were stuck there. "Hey if I went you." She said kindly, and soothingly, "and faced my fear, then surely you can face your own."

Fester shook his head, "You are but a program, and thus you have no emotion but the one bestowed upon you by your maker!" He stayed still.

Rose sighed, "Fine I'll go kill that boss myself, since that was what I was programmed to do." She walked to the teleporters and took a deep breath. Before she could pick floor 5 she saw a blur and a quick teleportation. She laughed and teleported to the floor. She saw Fester standing on the other side, in a heroic pose. "So you decided to come huh?"

"No NPC will kill my target!" He boasted, "I am the hero here!" Rose saw a crowd gathering near a cave.

"Fester is that the place there?" He nodded and they walked forward.

Rose heard a man speaking, though they came at mid sentence, "to overcome this beast. Do not make yourself a liability, you may not get a chance to redeem yourself."

"Tell me Rose." Fester said seriously, "Do you think you are ready for this? You have not been a liability to me yet, though I would hate for you to be one now."

Rose nodded, "I think I am."

This would be Fester's second boss, he knew the dangers of them, "I will not be able to carry you, the most I can do is warn you. From the moment we enter to the moment it is over, you have to be able to work on your own. Do you understand?" Fester didn't know if the Npc could handle it, and failing his first quest would be an insult to him.

Rose took out her greatsword, it was level 8 but she trusted her own skill, "I understand, now let's go I'm getting very bored out here."

They stood and behold as the doors open, Rose looked up at Fester who starred focused at what lied inside. She had never seen him so focused to kill something before, and it put fear in her heart. Fester asked one more question that shook her up even more, "You're not an Npc are you." He never even looked at her. "I can't explain why, but somehow you are a real person." He began walking toward the door, "I promise not to let you die." Rose felt guilty and safe, hopefully he could keep that promise.

The Boss Battle
All the players had begun battling, Fester readied his weapon. "Rose you see that large brute over there?" Rose nodded, how could she not, "Well hitting it anywhere but the face is useless, I've payed games with blokes like him before. I have no wish to endanger you or myself by going head on. So her is the plan." They circled around the room, carefully to avoid the massive swings of the giant. "The name of the game is support, we need to help these AIs get the head."

"What about getting the final loot? We only get that if we get the last hit, even if an AI gets it." Rose said, she didn't want to come here for nothing.

"Which do you want, your life or petty armor pieces. All we need is the thrill of the kill, the experience, and most importantly to get you your first boss kill." Fester said, they continued dodging and running. "If you are lucky maybe you can get the last hit. If I get it, then yo may have the item."

Rose nodded, "So what is the detailed plan. how are we going to help?"

"What do we know about the beasts." Fester asked, he was trying to decide how to help.

"Well he lives in this cave... He has a huge head and he is tall." She thought carefully, trying to think of less obvious things. "Since he is so big, and slow, then maybe his back is the safest area to be at! He can not turn around fast enough and we could just slash at him all day!" Rose had thought she found the loophole to this boss, his weakness.

"How simplistic, though good thinking. You fail to remember that this is a game, surely he has some sort of stomp or ground slam to prevent that strategy." Rose had not thought of that, she felt embarrassed. "Though a distance behind him would be relatively safe, so let's stay there instead of constantly running about." They sprinted behind the hulking beast and Fester continued, "Now look at the cave he inhabits, you see how dark it is?"

"Yea and there are torches so we can see."

"Now since this is a game, think. Why would there be torches, rather than a hole in the roof or fire braziers?" Rose couldn't answer. "You ever been in a dark room for hours and gone into sunlight? You know how much it hurts?"

"Yeah, but how does that relate..."

Fester interrupted "Well it is because your eyes are sensitive to the light due to darkness. So let's assume this monster lives in this dark cave, would it not be sensitive to light? If so then the torches must be here as an assistance method." Rose looked at Fester in awe, he had figured all of that out just by looking at some torches. "Granted, I have no idea if I'm correct, I suppose if I'm wrong then we may die here."

Rose grabbed a torch off the wall, "Then you must be right, because we are not oing to die here." She didn't look at him and as soon as she got the torch she ran in front of the monster. "Hey! You big ape, look at this." She waved the torch in front of it. Fester watched and noticed something he didn't take into account, the monster wasn't weak to light, it was distracted by it. The beast was now targeting Rose.

"Rose stop! Your attracting it's attention!" He yelled. He took a torch of the wall and also ran near the boss, just within range of his eyesight. Fester waved his torch, "Hey look over here! I have some light for you." Fester dodged a punch. "Come on look at me, I am not even slightly hurt." Rose joined in, both were trying to distract the monster from the other. Fester yelled at the others in the room, "Someone go for the head!"
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