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    Candice Greyson



    The name somehow sounded odd, but the appearance said it all. Same shape as the original bat, but made out of tin material. There was a logo that was similar to Mountain Dew's, but just wasn't the same. Curious, my hands find the handle and lift it up. Miraculously, it wasn't so heavy...but you could hear liquid inside when ever you move the bat. A smile erupted on me, the curiosity inside growing.

    With one swing to the ground, the top flew open and out came out green liquid. Was that what I think it is? Kneeling down, my hands touch the spilled soda. Placing my hand inside my mouth, the recognizable shock of sweetness hit my taste buds. This was definitely the Mountain Dew I knew.


    Standing straight up thanks to the sound of my laptop's notifications, I could see something dark at the corner of my eye. Not in the right conditions to fight, I shoot straight out my room. Falling to my knees right in front of my laptop, I smiled at the chumhandle.

    -- babelsEngineer began pestering archaicMiracle --
    BE: Hey! Look at my sweet gear!
    BE: THAT'S how you alchemize, baby.

    Sweet gear? I check out the screen and find Ricardo with...some sweet gear! All I managed to make is MOUNTAINSPEW. Maybe I should make other cool gadgets before going outside my house. Also I decided to take his cards idea: making more sylladex cards.

    BE: So anyways. I'm getting invaded by sea monsters here that I doubt even my faithful, eh, servants can handle.
    BE: So I'm gonna climb up on top of the building and see if I can see that gate that Legofootsprite mentioned.
    BE: Wanna build up? I put some cool stairs on top of Vieve's house. Maybe something like that could work on mine too?

    AM: Those really are sweet.
    AM: All I managed to make is a at that spews out Mountain Dew. Might come in handy though. Who knows?
    AM: And that isn't good.
    AM: I'll build up spiral staircases for you then.
    AM: You have plenty of GRIST I could use actually.

    Without hesitating, I start building up where I left off. Using spiral staircases to make it look fancy, it took me a minute to realize that he needed stairs to get up to the roof. Adding the stairs, I stand up with the laptop in hand and look for more things I could use to alchemize. While building floors and spiral staircases, I take out my trusty wallet with the cerise sylladex cards. Inside some were my Mountain Dews. Since my bat could spew out Mountain Dew, I didn't need these, now did I? I threw out the Mountain Dew packs from the cards to make room for more. Wondering what things I can actually make, I place the laptop on the kitchen table. My eyes scan the kitchen for a second, looking for anything that might come in handy. Since the bat was my only weapon, I probably needed another weapon of choice.

    My attention was cut off by the sound of somebody building over my house. Puzzled, I take the laptop with me and head over to the exit. Unfortunately I closed the door as fast as I opened it. Outside were imps closing in from all directions...but I also took a glimpse of stairs. Vinnie must have started building up to the portal above my house.

    I zoom out and realized I was close to the gate Ricardo was talking about. There was GRIST still left for more spiral cases and one more floor, but maybe he needed the extra GRIST, so I decided to just build spiral stairs from there on out.

    "What can I build...what do I use everyday...what DO I need?" I mumbled to myself, building up in Ricardo's world. After finishing up, I decided to send him another message before going off to alchemize a few more things myself.

    AM: I think I build all the way to the gate.
    AM: Did I? Just wanting to make sure.

    Placing the laptop down, and sneaking a book underneath so it doesn't overheat on the table, I catch an idea. Where's my skateboard? I always use that, and upgrading it might actually help some! Problem is, with what? Not having much time thanks to the imps, I run up to the kitchen and start rummaging through the items. There was a spatula, knife, juice, toothpicks, some plates, etc. Nothing a kitchen wouldn't have. Disappointed, I decided to check the sylladex once more and was surprised to skateboard! Taking it out, like magic, it falls straight into my hands. There wasn't anything else inside the sylladex cards: just five empty cards. Knowing that the skateboard is now with me, I put it back inside the pink card and check out anything else I could use.

    Walking out the kitchen, I make a left and enter my empty room. It was odd that there wasn't any imps inside at the moment. Either way I start to rummage through my room, looking for anything handy. Luckily my eyes find a snowglobe, which probably will not help at all, but it might come in handy when alchemizing other things. Among the rummage I find an old box. Surprised, I dust it off and open it. Inside was a pair of shoes, gloves, and a ton of clown figures. Was I into clowns back then? Blinking, the memories comes back to me. One in particular somehow sparked something inside me, making me feel...different.

    Snapping myself to reality, I take out the shoes and gloves and captchalogue the box in a sylladex card for nostalgia purposes. Also captchaloguing the gloves and shoes, I was left with only one card left. Having nothing else interesting here, I head over to the bathroom and instantly find one of those suction cups in the mirror.

    An idea pops out.

    Taking the suction cups, I rush out and into the room where the punch designix was located. There, with all the sylladex cards out for me to see their codes, I punch in all of them except the box. In return I get punched out cards. Afterwards I take out everything, except the skateboard. Throwing the suction cups, black gloves, and black shoes, which were VANS, into the box, I captchalogue the box back into one card and got left with three free cards. Before leaving however, I noticed that a cute clown doll fell out of the box by mistake. It was a dimentio doll...that cute jester! Wait, what did I just think? Who knew I had a love for jesters and clowns...why not just punch the code for the cute dimentio doll too? That's what I did. Captchaloguing it and punching in the code, I received another card. Next I also punch a Captchalogue card code, now that I remembered about Ricardo. Anyway, the totem lathe was next.

    Doing the same struggle as last time, with the dowels, I let the totem lathe carve the one with both the suction cups and gloves. Next was the shoes and suction cups, which looked oddly different from all the dowels I've made so far. Third item was the captchalogue cards...but the dowel didn't change much. Last, but not least, was my skateboard with the shoes AND cute clown doll.

    Running over to the Alchemiter with all these dowels, which were hard to carry over between, I start to put the dowels one by one on the Alchemiter...until I noticed a few imps coming in. Unfortunately these are the last things I'm making, since I can't stay here any longer.

    Speaking of which, how was my dad and sprite? No matter, after this, I'll find them and rush up the stairs and into the gate to escape this freakshow.

    (OOC: Enough GRIST to make Ricardo go up to the gate? Not sure.)