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    Update #1.

    -Started Game, Named Self Charky
    -Chose Oshawott as Starter (It's going to make a fine HM Slave)
    -Did all the suff at the Beginning and went to Flocessy Ranch to catch the first member of my Team, Mareep.
    -Took me forever to find one (Seriously, I encountered about 3 Riolu's before Mareep even bothered making an appearence), but I finally caught Colton the Jolly Mareep (Lv 5).
    -Raised Colton to Level 7, then challenged Rival, having a bit of trouble defeating his Snivy.
    -Rescued the Herdier, and grinded Colton to level 13.
    -Challenged the Aspertia Gym, and won on my first try (Thanks to Oran berry).
    -Colton evolved into Flaafy :D
    -Headed toward Virbank where I obtained my second team member: Logan the Naughty Venipede.
    -Grinded Logan to Level 15 and Colton to level 17, and challenged the Virbank Gym.
    -Again Won due to an Oran Berry (They're my lucky charms :3)
    -Did the Pokestar Studio thing, and defeated Team Plasma.
    -Headed to Castelia.
    -Beat Team Plasma in the Sewers.

    Current Team:

    Colton (Flaafy)
    Jolly Nature
    Lv 18
    -Thunder Wave

    Logan (Venipede)
    Naughty Nature
    Lv 17
    -Poison Sting

    Oshawott (HM SLAVE)