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    Well, it's finally done! Hurrah!

    Name: Andrew Seymour Rede

    Nickname: Andy

    Age: 14

    Sex: Male

    Dorm: Entei Dorm.

    Appearance: Andy has ultramarine scraggy hair that is not very long, but has parts of it jutting out wildly from the rest. His eyes are a very clear crystal blue, with thin eyebrows above them. Andy wears a coat and pants of similar color, with each being of a very dark blue - the coat having a bright orange trim around the zips and collar, the pants having a similar orange trim around the base of the legs. He wears an azure shirt beneath his coat, and for footwear has a pair of trainers the same color as the bag he carries on one shoulder, which is of a grayish blue.

    Personality: Andy is a rather sunny youth who rarely complains about things, instead trying his best to work through obstacles the way he knows best: by barging through them as roughly as possible.
    While not overtly rash, he is still prone to making quick decisions without thinking them out properly. When the time comes and he needs to, however, he is excellent at thinking ahead and planning the next move. This is actually a very deep part of his persona, as when he is left to think clearly, Andy often over-thinks everything and eventually gives himself a head-ache, the result of a strange telekinetic attack launched by a mysterious Kadabra, which over the years has led him to think less and act more. Aside from all of this, Andy has a deep curiosity with anything that he has time to ponder, but rarely does so anymore, leading him to rush past things that he would have investigated in great detail before. Andy tries to get along with people as much as possible, looking for friendship around every corner. He has a strange way of acting around those he has just met, which is to show off to them in order to try and make a good impression, much like his Tyrogue.

    History: Andy was born and raised in the sleepy Dewford town. His parents were a quiet pair of shopkeepers who wished for little more than their son's happiness, and thus let him live on an exceedingly short leash. Growing up, Andy unknowingly took advantage of his largely unhindered freedom due to his curiosity and began wandering along the seashore daily. Soon enough, Andy's curiosity brought him to the mouth of Cave. He was stopped from entering by a member of Brawly's Gym who told him he needed Pokemon to go inside. Impetuous and defiant as ever, Andy insisted that he wanted to look around inside. The man, enthralled by Andy's spirit, gifted the boy with a Tyrogue.
    Thrilled with his new friend, James began to train with the Tyrogue in the cave. Day in and day out, he and "Catches" would be fighting whatever came their way.
    During this time, Andy was attacked by a Kadabra that used a strange telekinetic attack on him, causing him to suffer debilitating headaches whenever he tried to concentrate on something for too long.
    It was not until the two fought the powerful Leader Brawly, a fight in which Catches was very nearly terribly wounded, was it that Andy realized how much training he needed to do. After deciding to travel to the mainland for training, Andy was gifted with a Clamperl from his parents, along with a strange relic that they salvaged from a ship during their more adventurous days.
    Setting off, Andy blazed a trail to Rustboro city, never stopping long enough to make any friends along the way. When he reached Roxanne, he was confident in his abilities to beat her. Andy supported his claims of future victory against Roxanne quickly, and left the Gym only ten minutes after walking in, barely phased by the battle. While ready to return to the island, Andy was stopped by a student from the Pokemon school, who dragged him inside and told him all about the Pokemon Trainer Academy. While dismayed at first by the student's 'kidnapping' of him, Andy soon realized that to become a truly great trainer he would need to somehow get into the academy. With a fervor that was typical of him, Andy immediately applied for entry into the college. However, while his practical test went excellently, his written test wasn't so excellent, thus earning him entry into Entei Dorm.


    Species: Tyrogue
    Nickname: Catches
    Personality: Catches is fiercely proud of his power, showing off at any given moment. This pride drives him to train hard with Andy, whom he wrestles with on a regular basis.
    He respects Andy greatly, but sometimes tries too hard to earn his respect and winds up hurting itself.
    Lvl: 19
    Low Sweep.
    Brick Break.
    Mach Punch.
    Fake Out.

    Species: Clamperl
    Nickname: Snaps.
    Personality: Snaps is rather shy and quiet, rarely wanting to open it's shell for anyone. This could be seen after Andy originally received Snaps, when she wouldn't even battle for him due to it's petrification at the prospect of battle. This has improved a little, but Andy has still yet to see Snaps follow every order he gives in battle, much to Andy's chagrin.
    Lvl: 17
    Iron Defense.
    Water Pulse.
    Ice Beam.

    - Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.