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Okay, I know this isn't exactly what this thread is for, but whatever.

What I've been working on for the past few hours is a rewrite of the stone evolution checking routine. It, essentially, makes it much easier to add custom (stone) evolution methods. If this is unclear, essentially you could write a code to check just for gender (or really, whatever you wanted), put it somewhere, and put that pointer into a table, and it would allow you to evolve using a particular stone on a particular gender of Pokemon. It uses the evolution types above 'F' (as in, all the unused ones).

Right now, I'm doing stone evolutions, though I plan to work on doing the same for levelup and trade evolutions eventually.

What I was wondering, though, is - would it even be worth it to even release it once I finish working out the bugs? Sure, it makes it easier to implement custom evolution methods, but you still need to know ASM to even use it, and, so, the only people that would be able to even use it could do the exact same thing.
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