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I am going to change my game because I just got white 2 ^.^

Game: Pokemon White 2
Team: Guadalajara (Chivas)

StarPlayer: Lucario(Has Speed Like A Striker)
Strength, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Aura Sphere

CheerLeader: Galvantula
Bug Buzz, Agility, Thunder Wave, Discharge

Mascot: Ampharos(The closest Pokemon to a Goat)
Thunder, Power Gem, Signal Beam, Hyper Beam

Band: Yanmega
U-turn, Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Shadow Ball

Fan: Archeops(It can be goalie by flying to the ball)
Fly, Cut, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide

Sponsor: Samurott
Surf, Waterfall, Megahorn, Revenge

Update #1
Named Trainer Ivan
Got Oshawatt from Bianca
DefeatedTrainer Hugh
Received running shoes from Mom
Got checked out by Alder xD
Defeated Hue at Flocessy Ranch
Gave Hugh Town Map
Caught Riolu Lv 7
Caught Mareep Lv 5
Rescued Herdier from Team Plasma
Returned to Alder and battled his trainers
Defeated Gym Leader Cheren

Current Team:
Oshawott/Sponsor Lv 12Riolu/Starplayer Lv 12Mareep/Mascot Lv 11


Season Standings: 1-0

Update #2
Arrived in Virbank City
Start Training at Virbank Complex
Evolved Mareep into Flaaffy
Defeated Virbank Gym Trainers
Defeated Roxie

Flaffy/Mascot Lv 18Riolu/Starplayer Lv14 Oshawott/Sponsor Lv14


Seasonal Standings: 2-0
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