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    Originally Posted by trebornosliw View Post
    Well, it says no revival limit so I'll leave a note here in case anyone comes looking.

    First, I assume you mean this:
    trainerbattle 0x9 0xXXX 0x3 @victory @defeat
    1. trainerbattle 0x3 is followed by only one text pointer and I have no idea what that 0x9 would do in the command you wrote.
    2. the first text pointer in trainerbattle 0x9 shows if you win the battle, not at the battle's start (thus, not intro).

    Second, I imagine you could go in and hex edit the text... it has to be stored somewhere. There's a tutorial about hex editing text somewhere on this forum (now I'm interested... I'm going to have to look this up).

    I've been testing, and your Pokemon will automatically be healed if you lose in trainerbattle 0x9 0x??? 0x3, but will not be healed if you win (you have to add the special 0x0). Now, if you lose a trainerbattle 0x9 0x??? 0x0 you are just sent to the last Pokemon center.
    I'm trying to find some way to have a battle without Oak's dialogue where the trainer's Pokemon are still healed after a loss. Is there a list of the effects of that third variable anywhere (the one that's set as 0x3 for the Oak dialogue)?
    You can edit the text using A-text.

    And found something I'm using this script in my hack and used it further but it seems if you have more than 1 Pokemon the Game Freezes or Crashes.

    After your first Pokemon is defeated you'll select your next Pokemon and no Sprite will appear and it will crash when the 2nd Pokemon Loses.
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