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Originally Posted by TheCollector View Post
We will see an aging Ash waving his hand in a farwell signature to his son who is going to be a Pokémon master!
wut O.o


I'm definitely gonna cry when the Pokemon franchise as a whole ends, hopefully it happens sometime after I grow way out of it (And at this point I doubt that'll ever happen u_u).

For what I think (And I was trying to sleep when I posted the thread which is why I didn't mention this then xD), I think the anime should end like this:
Something very exotice will happen. Think about it, people would go crazy if the ending was left open, I mean this is a kid's show after all. And the franchise just abruptly ending with something cliche or very predictable like Ash becoming a Pokemon Master would be dull. I think they'll try something new, something like the battle frontier. Ash challenges the Pokemon League once more, reaches the finals this time, and at the last second, Team Rocket barge in and cause chaos. Then there's probably a whole season about stopping Team Rocket after Ash forfeited the match in order to stop them (This could be played around with a bit). Team Rocket would have a scheme bigger than any of their previous ones and they'd be after something, huge. Eventually, as mentioned, the Team Rocket Trio (Jessie, James, and Meowth) after witnessing their boss's total disregard for their safety or being, will turn sides and help Ash stop a now over-powered Giovanni and his admins/grunts.

Eventually, Ash alone is the one to stop Giovanni and save the world, and so he is offered the title of Pokemon Master because of all his effort into saving the world and forfeiting the Pokemon League's final match for that purpose. He considers it, but then declines because of his love for the life on the road, and he just walks into the horizon to challenge yet another another Pokemon League Championship.
How the anime will end:
Ash will become a Pokemon Master. (:
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