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Tyler Smith
WolfOfEve in REAL LIFE

"You must be Ty, I'm Sage Smith it's great to meet you." The unfamiliar voice chuckled slightly.

Tyler turned around, half-expecting his first customer already. Really? I haven't even opened the door yet! His expression shown relief when the person in question turned out to be another staff member. "Oh, hey... It's good to meet you too... I guess I don't have to introduce myself, since that 'perky' receptionist did so for me. This is my Cyndaquil, his name is Hono." Tyler gestured toward the Pokemon on his shoulder. Hono seemed nervous, a little sweaty from the exercise minutes before, but he was already well-groomed and looking pretty clean.

Tyler reached into the front pocket of his side bag, pulling out a keychain with a single key. He used to it unlock Room 22A, halfway walking inside before halting. "... Did you want a Pokemon groomed? It'll only take a me a few minutes to unpack and get set up, seeing as this room is also my new home."

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