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Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
That's a great idea! You should totally make a hack like that :)

The beta depends on the poll. If I'm sticking with FR tiles? Probably sometime next Spring. Current graphics? Next Winter.
Why did I quote myself

Originally Posted by RyeGuyXD View Post
wait NEXT winter. or NEXT spring. Geez thats a long time... I was expecting something like Christmas or soemthing. Would the beta be to the first gym..

[I don't know how to script or make tiles so really I suck at hacking]
I'm busy with college and I'm really bored with hacking and trying to get back into it.

Originally Posted by M.L View Post
These tiles are fine! You know if you like it then stick with it their are hundreds of hacks with horrible graphics that are played just because it's a new hack! Yours has great graphics i dont see much of the story line but the scripts seem fine.! You quit on this and ill come dunk your head in the toilet :)
Yes they look fine...but do I have the TIME?

Originally Posted by No-san View Post
Aw, I don't like to intervene but seeing the latest posts about your poll, I have to (though I do respect everyone's opinion).

Fireworks, why changing the graphics ? Is it because you want to give us a beta as soon as possible ? Or is it because it's soooo time consuming that you fear you might end up giving up ?
If it's the former, keep your new graphics, we're used to waiting when it comes to hacks.
If it's the latter, just go back to FR tiles. Who cares about graphics ? I do like your custom tiles very much, but people enjoy good plot and good gameplay a LOT more. People don't buy games, DVDs or whatever for the cover. If the game looks good but is boring to death and unoriginal, then it's just time wasted for everyone (mostly your time).
The latter. The tiles and stuff that I'm using I got from someone else and he no longer makes tiles. I'd have to make a bunch more tiles, tons of overworlds, battle backgrounds (which I've never tried), sprites...

Originally Posted by RyeGuyXD View Post
Actully... Alot of people buy a game JUST by looking at the cover. Like the NES days there were no reviews or anything. Mario is basically the thing. So back then you picked a game by the cover and back description.

Or Fireworks.. You could change the graphics now then in the last beta make it new graphics.
Hmm maybe. Like I said it'd take a lot of time but if new tiles are the only things people care about they'll get new tiles.

Originally Posted by iamjagman View Post
Can't wait till this is released! I really love pokemon hacks and this one looks better than any I've ever seen.

I assume you took the video down because it was extremely out of date? Just wondering, because I was hoping to see some gameplay footage and was sorta disappointed when I realized the video was down.
I'd recommend waiting, you'll have a long one though...
Video was removed because I made a new channel.

Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
Glad to see you have returned to rom hacking, fireworks :)
In my opinion I wouldn't change a thing, the tiles are nice and so are the battle backgrounds.
But you said if you go with fire red tiles it will speed up progress, does that mean you have lost all the data to the original ceil? In that case you better off just using fire red tiles and inserting a few matching tiles to change things up a little cause really the original fire red tiles by themself are just boring, we have seen them so many times. Anyway good luck and get some fresh details into the first post :)
No, I still have it.

Originally Posted by RyeGuyXD View Post
This game is gonna be so epic! But could you release a NEW video trailer you could send me some footage and I could put it together for a trailer.
All of your posts have been in my thread.
There wasn't an OLD trailer and there's nothing to make a trailer of.

Messed up with poll but it ends Monday.