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    :O How did this club elude my attention for so long?? *woof*!!

    Name: CourageHound
    I prefer dogs. I like their pack attitude and adore their loyalness.
    Partner: This is a tuffie for me, a tie between Entei and Arcanine. Anyone that has been to my profile knows Aranine is on my favs list and Entei isnt...well thats cuz legendaries have their own list apart from regular pokemon. Anyway I'm going to choose entei since arcanine seems so mainstream atm.

    Answering the current topic:

    I dont beleive its a mystery as to why theres so many dog/cat designed pokemon. Dogs and cats are two of the worlds most popular domesticated pet and are extreemly popular amongst history and foreign cultures.

    Its pretty easy to create a pokemon from the idea of cats and dogs anyway. Just look at Persian and Stoutland. However simple ideas can manifest themselves into the shape or form of a cat or dog easily. Example Espeon and Umbreon(Dont quote me on this cuz I remember learning this a loong time ago. Just know it will be something like that.). Umbreon's design and name came from the edge of the shadow created from the sun called an Umbra. Of which the opposite is obviously the Espa, i.e. Espeon.
    So even tho many complex forms or ideas of pokemon design come to mind, a simple and most times effective way of presenting or creating them would be in the form of our furry little friends. Heck, when i'm drawing the basis for half my animal designs are shaped after then redesign from dogs. Its not only the convince but how fond we are of them.