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You...probably won't. I've taken quite a few journalism classes in the past myself and they are some of the most real world style courses you're ever going to take. My 101 class had us doing nothing but book work for maybe a month at the most. After that? We were out getting interviews and making connections and just working on editing. The major formal thing you'll be focusing on in a first year class once you have the style down is length. I found it difficult at first because I'm more of a narrative guy, so I like my flowery language, and I think my teacher noticed that as well. But in general, the one thing she hounded the entire class on was making sure we did as much editing as possible. If we had a two page interview or article, she would typically want it to be half the length, at most, after editing.

Those thousand word reports aren't likely to pop up very often in the curriculum. I've taken three journalism classes and there were only three instances (two in the first one, one in the third) where I had to do an editorial or report. They're some of the easiest things you'll get to work on because you're not as constrained by the idea that you need to cut descriptive language to a bare minimum. After a while, you realize just how much you miss being able to write those thousand word reports rather then being super critical on what you absolutely need to present and what you can toss out from an interview or report.