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    Hello, everyone. This is a thread in which I will be discussing new Yu-Gi-Oh! card releases / spoiled releases in both the OCG and the TCG. The contents of this thread are entirely personal opinion, so kindly do not take offense at what my views on these cards are. I'm just your average person who plays DuelNet, so my opinions don't (shouldn't) carry too much weight, but I'm offering them anyway because I want to share.

    Also this is kind of a creative outlet so yeah, let's start.


    November 10, 2012

    Today I'm reviewing selections from Cosmo Blazer as well as the V-JUMP EDITION 8 of the Limited Edition series; Mermail and Flaming Star support will be looked at, as well as general cards of interest (whether competitive or humorous).

    Mermail Abyssdine

    Probably the best piece of Genex Atlantean Mermail material so far, Mermail Abyssdine is very useful in making rank 3 Xyz monsters; swarming the field is not usually a bad thing, and both Abysspike and Abysslinde can easily set up the Abyssdine play flawlessly. Too bad the card you're supposed to make with these monsters - Abysstrite - isn't actually that great to actually Xyz for (or possibly even worth your time), since it requires 3 materials to make, and despite Spellskite being an awesome Mt:G card, Abysstrite's protection effect sadly isn't really applicable a lot of the time. It does have a nice interaction with Bahamut Shark, though, and it's not that bad when you do this, because Bahamut Shark's targets are usually neutered by being summoned by it anyways (see Acid Golem / Leviathan Dragon / Aero Shark), and Abysstrite's graveyard search is still pretty usable even without materials.

    Hot-Blooded Beast Master, Wolfbark

    Wolfbark, being a FIRE Beast-Warrior has very usable typing (see: Phantom Beast Horn and Flaming Dance - Tenki), and it's fairly clear that although this card doesn't say Flaming Star in its name, it is basically Flaming Star support. Decently strong, very searchable, and is a Gishki Beast for the archetype - there is nothing bad, really, to say about this monster - it even makes instant Soko. This V-JUMP release is quite good.

    Speaking of V-JUMP releases, Steadfast Flaming Star - Tokei [edit: why are they called Fire Fists now? and what the heck is with the new name?] was released in the same Limited Edition pack, and seems to be very useful for the deck - it has the ability to swap out a used Tenki for a fresh Tenki, for example - but I am a little worried about the deck's resilience a bit, since it doesn't have that many usable archetype-specific Spells and Traps (about 8 is the number, I think). Another small point in Tokei's favor is that if you use Ryushishin to summon it, it does some nice things (i.e. is a Tenki on a stick).

    Reaper of Prophecy

    Finally, another decent Temperance / Justice / whatever target! It's a very cool card, and an instant level 6 Xyz if you want to go for that. Or you can just beat for damage. The card is pretty flexible and it might even not be that bad if you just tribute summon for it. Still sort of dead if drawn though, which is the sad thing ... maybe use some of the card-filtering exclusives and play around a bit with the build?

    Some other support for Prophecy also got released, and all of them are decent. First, Spellbook of Sefer has a lot of neat things it can do (and can be stacked with another card it duplicates in the same turn), and I really like it. Fool of Prophecy also looks very useful for dumping specific cards for use with Sefer. I don't know how the archetype will turn out to play when it finally gets enough power cards to become strong, but these cards do look somewhat promising at least.

    Terror Fang Wolf, Dire Wolf

    One of the two point removal Xyzs I'd like to talk about being released in Cosmo Blazer, this card is basically a somewhat worse version of Scrap Dragon with the catch of being on an Xyz (and thus being more easily summoned by the average deck). However, this card does have a few caveats: one, it has two pieces of ammunition (which is not that big of a problem ... the average Scrap Dragon does not live for that long anyways), and two, it requires some very specific Types to support its effect (as well as requiring a monster specifically). The Flaming Star [Fire Fist] archetype can support this, as well as the Heraldic Beast archetype and the soon-to-be-released Fire King archetype (the latter likes destroying its stuff a lot, so that's even cooler), so we'll see how this card goes in the next few months.

    Lightning Plover

    It's really nice that we're finally receiving on demand point removal on Xyz monsters in this set, and not with just Dire Wolf, but also this amazing (baller-tier!) card! This card is at least an even trade if it resolves since they lose a card automatically, and has the ability to brutally and powerfully simplify the game state by removing two cards from the opponent's field. (It's a +2 if you can make it with one card like Advanced Heraldry Art, of course.)

    Lightning Plover's efficiency is astounding, and frankly I am perfectly okay with it having only 1900 ATK simply because of how good this card's effects are, I greatly anticipate the WIND archetypes we're going to be receiving in the next set after Cosmo Blazer. Returning to the bottom of the deck is basically as good as destroying, and returning to the top is obviously better than returning to the hand; with the smattering of Xyz monsters in the game, it shouldn't be hard at all in order to make some extreme plays with this card. Combine with Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi? (Actually I am just in love with that card secretly, it's not that great of a combo - but Miyabi is a nice card.)


    Like it? Hate it? Leave your comments about my comments in the comments below.


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