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For the topic, is it for a currently existing legendary or a new one that we make up?

Imma go with the second version. :D

Let's see. Like Elix, I think it would basically rule over nature, except more specifically it would rule over the wild. It would be kind of similar to Pan from the Greek myths; actually that's what it would be based on. I think it would be either Grass/Normal or Grass/Ground. Maybe even Grass/Poison, Grass/Poison or even Grass/Dragon. The first two make the most sense though.

Basically, this pokemon would look something a satyr/goat/trees/vines. It would rule over the wild places of the world and be found in some pocket of wild, a jungle of some sort, far from civilization. Also, this place would be FILLED with plants, as this pokemon makes plants grow wildly. Perhaps it's ability could power up all other grass types in the party. (great for a monotype! :D) It's ability would be called Fertilizer or something lol, and the boost would be a +1 in every stat.

The pokemon would guard nature in a region that was very nature vs trash/pollution, and would fight to protect the pokemon/plants in the region. It would fight against an evil "team" who was a corporation fighting for their company. They'd have a lot of power over the region and create a lot of waste that would have drastic impacts on the environment. It'd be like Altru Inc in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, except this company would be focused on harvesting oil via dangerous and illegal methods, and would use their pokemon as guard-dogs/to fight for them. Maybe ex-Team Plasma could even come back and protest them, and help you find the grass type legendary and use its power to stop them.

Maybe it's name could be Wildyre (pronounced as wilder, comes from wild, satyr and nature) and it'd be known as the Vernal Pokemon. This pokemon would be found with the moves: Hyper Voice, Frenzy Plant, Earth Power, and a signature move known as Nature Song. It would be a special attack move that didn't make contact, and had 100 base power. It would be grass type, and cause the the user's ability to be triggered again, meaning all grass types would get +2 in all their stats. However, the user would lose 1/4 of their health.