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First to join. Woo. Glad we got another MLP club cause I miss the old one.
Username: AWsquared
Your Favorite Pony: Fluttershy I guess since you have to add me to a single group. She's really cute and it's funny when see acts assertive and fails cause of her shyness.
Additional Information: I got into MLP because of a particular drawing on DeviantART. I really liked it, but didn't know what FiM was back then so I googled it. I thought it was all a joke at first. Why would a bunch of guys watch My Little Pony, a show for little girls? I thought bronies were all joking and that people watched it to make fun of the show. One day afriend of mine posted a link to episode 1 on his friend's Facebook wall. I asked him what was the big deal with the show and he just said it was good. I still didn't understand why. After seeing so many artwork on DA I decide to give in and watch. I thought one episode wouldn't hurt, just to see what all the fuss was about. The first episode really dragged me in. And it was a two-parter so I had to watch episode 2. I did and ended up enjoying it. I watched the rest of season 1 and then became hooked to the series. It was around November 9 2011 when I admitted to myself that I've become a brony.

Also season 3 premiere was today. What did you think of today's episode?
Besides the amount of Gak
im back