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This isn't the weekly revival but it had the prefix before it died so it counts anyway yaayy!!!

So competitively I've been using Musharna quite a bit, but on an in-game level, I'm really interested in using Musharna whenever I reset Black. While I originally hated its design, its bulk is really good and it's better looking than Munna tbh. Musharna would probably be a bit better if it didn't have Munna either, too. Gurdurr is another one that slipped under the radar since originally I thought it just had an awesome name, but it has potential to be really good, despite being slow-ish, so I plan to use that too. Design isn't really everything and I'm interested to see how that'd go in-game too. Samurott, also, because it can be either physical and special and is really strong either way! Kind of wish I used it in-game instead of overlook it for the sexy Emboar, although design-wise Samurott is pretty well designed imo.
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