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Hey guys Mono-Color Yellow update on Pokemon Blue
1-Reached Vermillion City
2-Wonder over to the Route beside it I think i'ts 15
3-Capture Drowzee (Chumpie)
4-Boarded the SS Anne took out the trainers including Gary and got HM01
5-Defeated Surge
6-Went got a Meowth (Gabbei)
7-Wondered back up to Ceruliann and headed for Rock Tunnel onto Lavender Town
8-Went out to Celadon City took out Erika
9-Took care of Team Rocket and got the Silph Scope
10-Went back to Lavender Town and took of the Marowak rescuded old man from Team Rocket Grunts
11-Recieved Poke flute
12-Resting at Lavnder town Pokemon Center

Team after 4 Badges:
Gabbei the Persian (29)
Talia the Pikachu (29)
Mephiss the Beedrill (30)
Chumpie the Hypno (29)
Halgen the Sandslash (30)

HM SLave
Dux the Fafetch'd (Fly Slave)

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