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my shiny pokemon story is in Emerald :3 and it`s quite a cool one

I was at safari zone completing my pokedex (i was missing Miltank, Stantler and Tediursa by that time).
I found some tediursas but all of em fled :/. then, when i was bored watching the tv, i just let the volume of the GBA at max to hear the pokemon roar, when suddently i hear a tediursa cry, followed by the shiny sound.
I didnt look at the gba, but i said (did i just hear...?) i watched and it was a green tediursa!!!
i was really excited yet dissapointed at the same time since all the tediursas i found so far fled.

well, i aproached (my heart was a bout to pop out when did that), and it didnt flee. then i aproached one step more, AND IT STAYED!!! i said to myself (ok, you can do it. this is the one... WRAAAAA!) and pressed the safari ball. it spinned 2 times and came out of the ball and i was like fuuuuuuu.. but it didnt flee :D then i threw another safari ball, and i caught it :D

i still have it, and im proud of my feat (which was complete and absolute luck hahaha)


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