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Leilani Estefania Juarez Garcia
Floor 5 - Mount Lost | Level: 6

Still shaking…her heart continued to pound. Leila continued to stare at the boy, Dante, whom she still doesn’t know the name yet… and his girl, walking ahead and away from the crowded area. She felt ill from the heart, not feeling the way she feels before: downhearted. She never had a guy like Dante come over her like that, and her mind will never be filled with the same thoughts and memories again.

Finally, she stood up. She brushed dirt off her knees for kneeling on the floor. It’s been a long time now and Ollie still hasn’t responded. It’s too much already. Leila opened her messages, she still finds her message she sent on her folder. Where could Ollie be? Leila could have sworn that Ollie told her that he’d be here. He even told her at the Buffalo dinner meeting.

Leila [Solo-Player]
Level: 6
Health: 100%

“Am I ready to fight to find him?” She questioned herself. There were no excuses whatsoever. Many of the players are heading in to defeat the boss, in which, according to Dante, there should be one, and the dungeons have been unlocked already. Even though, she is very close to leveling up.

With one hand holding one of the daggers, Leila started to walk, following a guild heading towards the mountain. A wooden bridge, being walked on a lot, leaded towards the next mountain. She immediately turned to around, hearing a cry from the sky. Oh no, really? She thought, taking out her right-sided dagger. Before stepping up on the wooden bridge, a dangerous white bird flew above her. Cawing at her, and swoosh right back towards her. Leila locked her eyes at the hideous white bird, and takes out her left-handed dagger.

“Speed, UP!” Leila called, dashing away from the bridge as she tries to dodge the near-fatal blow from the bird. The bird was quick enough for her, faster than the previous monsters she had beaten in previous floors. This was it for Leila, as the hardest monsters were right here at this floor.

I can do this. If I can beat the monsters from previous floors, I can beat this one. Just gotta…

Leila screamed as she jumped to throw a slice at the white bird, with the bird squealing with pain, using both daggers to double the kill, and slashing them out of the body. The bird cried as it fell under the bridge, and was deleted on sight…in bits and bytes.

The bird was a level higher than Leila, which earned her more skill points….causing her to level-up finally.

Level up!
Leila [Solo-Player]
Level: 7


Two more of those birds, and she’ll be up at Level 8. She looked up at the almost-gray sky, with the virtual wind blowing her hair and red bow back. Leila sighed, as she starts to walk on the wooden bridge, heading towards the dungeon.

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