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    Good to see someone else starting as well.

    New update:

    So just played Pokemon Yellow for a few hours today, headed back to Mt.Moon to go catch some Clefaries. Took a hell of a long time to do so, but I got them. I caught 3 total. 1 to trade with someone for Mr.Mime near Digletts cave, which I ended up doing so. And another to involve into Clefable, and one to keep as a Clefarie.

    Also spent some time on the out-skirts of Vermillion city battiling the trainers on the fields to gain up some levels. And headed over to the watch tower to speak to Pro.Oak's aide and picked up the item-finder for officially owning 30 Pokemon. Spotted a Drowzee, and got to catch 2 of them. Hoping to evolve one into a Hypno.

    Headed back to Vermillion city, spoke to a Police officer and she gave me Squirtle, however I decided to fill the 6th spot on my team, it was a Dugtrio I caught in Digletts cave, level 29, I couldn't miss that opportunity to have such a strong lvl Pokemon at that time to NOT be in my team. So I put Squirtle in the daycare, where I may pick him up later in the game.

    Going to stop at Route 9 tonight, heading into Rock tunnel tomorrow, going to be annoying as heck.

    Current Pokemon team:

    1. Bulbasaur lvl 20
    2. Charmander lvl 20
    3. Pidgey lvl 21
    4. Pikachu lvl 23
    5. Butterfree lvl 24
    6. Dugtrio lvl 29

    Pokedex Completion rate:
    Seen: 63
    Own: 30