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As expected, Elise was definitely holding her own. Krissu took a moment to breathe as she watched the fighter dispatch of another goblin.

“Heads up Krissu! Got an ugly one headed your way!”

The sudden shout made Krissu jump, and then a goblin came running at her, swinging its mining pick. Krissu's instinctive reaction in Aincrad was never to jump away. She was not a speed player. Instead, she usually brought her broadsword up to block an incoming attack. But now there was no time. In the nick of time, she bent backwards and the mining pick just barely missed her face. She fell down backwards on the cave floor with a thud. The cave's ceiling was a number of meters above her, glimmering from the mildly fluorescent crystals that hung here and there, and in the light from the now forgotten campfire. It was quite beautiful. Krissu guessed that if she would die here and now, it would be a rather nice sight to have on her eyes.

But she wouldn't die. Not to some silly goblins. Not to anything! Her whole existence here was to prove something - to prove that she could become great at something of her own choosing. That she could go her own way, without someone to tell her what to do.

The goblin shrieked and made a move with the mining pick that was eerily similar to Krissu's [Swing Down]. Krissu felt her own weapon in her hand. She couldn't easily lift it with one hand - she wasn't meant to be able to. But she didn't want to follow the rules of others. She would make her own rules in this game. That was what meant something.

As in slow motion, she pulled up the sword with only her right hand. At the same time, the mining pick was traveling down through the air, heading straight for her chest. There was no time. There was no space. There was only the sword in Krissu's hand and the glimmering ceiling above. And the guillotine that came closer and closer to her living, breathing body for every nanosecond. Then, realization hit her - it was too late.

The mining pick pierced her chest and made pieces of red data flow out into the air. Krissu gasped, the goblin laughed. It didn't really hurt - pain luckily wasn't realistically implemented in SAO. But the knowledge of this being perhaps a fatal wound, that knowledge hurt. She watched her health bar rapidly decreasing in the top left periphery of her sight. Decreasing... Wasn't she at level 9? Shouldn't she be able to handle goblins like this? Why was something wrong? How...

Red. So close to death, here as well as in the real world. The goblin kept laughing as he thrust the weapon deeper into her body, letting more red light out. Her life essence.

"Eli... Help!" she breathed.

((OOC: planned for Raikiri to post after this, so you know, Claire~))
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