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    Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
    I'm busy with college and I'm really bored with hacking and trying to get back into it.

    Yes they look fine...but do I have the TIME?

    The latter. The tiles and stuff that I'm using I got from someone else and he no longer makes tiles. I'd have to make a bunch more tiles, tons of overworlds, battle backgrounds (which I've never tried), sprites...
    I vote "Go back to FR style with a few changes." ROM hacking must remain a pleasure, not a duty. And before I'm misunderstood, I'm not suggesting you to give up on your hack, I'm just telling you to focus on what really matters : gameplay and storyline. These are the main reasons that make people create hacks to begin with, aren't they ?

    So, unless you find ready-to-use tiles that you like, don't bother with that. It'd be a loss because the screens look good but, oh well. You can still keep the (awesome) battle backgrounds, add a few overworlds to fit with your storyline, simple stuff like that.
    Plus, I guess you can keep the FR style for now, and when the hack is done, change the graphics if you feel like it.

    As an ending note, allow me to quote the opening post :
    New tiles but fun gameplay