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    Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
    roar uni is not easy. But as Kura said it's probably a workload thing more than anything - if there was less of it then yeah the actual content wouldn't be too nasty but ugh sheer volume of stuff. But then, in fairness, I'm spreading myself wayyyyyy too thin with extra commitments and going out like... most nights. I need to sort out my time. v__v
    Yeah my first year uni I commuted like 4-5 hours a day.. >_> Not fun.. but then it only got tougher from there.
    My last year.. I maybe went out.. 3 times the entire year, and it was still crazy loaded with coursework.. to the point I was pulling all nighters like.. every third night in my last month.

    Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
    After a while, you realize just how much you miss being able to write those thousand word reports rather then being super critical on what you absolutely need to present and what you can toss out from an interview or report.

    This! When I took my psychology elective.. >_> oh dear god did I miss writing those flowy essays for english class. But it even had to be 10 pages of strict information.. written APA style which I only did like once before in my whole life like 6 years prior. Everything else was MLA style.. and oh man that took some adjusting to.
    I did not like that class only because I needed to memorize so many technical things.. and when I'm doing a million other things at uni and it's not my major.. I found it crazy hard.
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