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Reinhard Ossur (Level 14)- Floor 4

The dark, twisted caverns of the dungeon were becoming something of an annoyance to Reinhard as he navigated the various pathways with his map barely being serviceable at the moment. In a very poor rookie mistake, he took a wrong turn in a vain attempt to explore a different area of the dungeon. Despite all the time spent on floor 4, Reinhard never fully explored the dungeon, finding the design troublesome and cliche. Too annoyed to turn around, Reinhard kept going straight, hoping to bump into someone or something. Light would help too. Any light really. An exit would be divine, but Reinhard rid himself of such notions as hope and fortune. The only way he would find someone at this point if there were stupid enough to wander in the less traversed sections of the cave off the main entrance. What was the term for people like that? Hipsters?

Regardless, Reinhard kept walking, occasionally checking his map for any possible ideas of where to go, not that if it offered much help. "Great, I'm officially lost," Reinhard said with a sigh as slid down against the wall before plopping down to the ground. Going through his inventory, Reinhard took the opportunity to heal with one of the several potions he had brought with him (he never entered a dungeon without some healing items) and eat some of the rations he brought with him. Because of his low cooking skill, the meal was lackluster in taste, but it did its job. Eating in the dark was humbling though. In hindsight, a torch would of been a worthwhile investment. After eating, Reinhard decided a rest would be welcome, though it was hard to get comfortable in the solemn dark embrace of the caves. A sigh of depression left his lungs as his mind wandered. Being trapped in a video game was a struggle to accept, but he admittedly enjoyed the idea in the beginning. It was an excuse to leave his pitiful existence in the real world and start anew, but he found himself in the same state. Alone. Always alone. His eyelids grew heavy and Reinhard was drifting into a dream world…


Reinhard was stirred away by the sound echoing through the halls. Using his listening skill like earlier, Reinhard found the source. It was deja vu all over again. The sounds of battle weren't too far, making it something of an oddity that he didn't notice it earlier. Using his speed skill, Reinhard followed the sounds of battle and cackles of goblins and closed in to the fight, bearing witness to a goblin driving a pickaxe into a girl's chest, laughing as he did it.

But then the laughter ended.

With a singular slash of his sword, Reinhard used his Called Shot sword art that targeted a single point and aimed for a critical hit, and lobbed off the head of the goblin as it disappeared in a flash of light, pickaxe and all. Reinhard, seeing the other girl in the group was holding her own without much difficulty, knelt down to the other and pulled out another one of his health potions (leaving him with only one left) and shoved the potion in her mouth, forcing her to drink it.

"There. You won't be dying today. You can thank me later."

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