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    This is a variation of a game which I've played on many a forum before, and it always leads to some fun. Just lock it if it's been done before.

    • The game begins with 6 Pokémon, all at 30 points.
    • The player takes the current points values, and adds 2 to one Pokémon, writing (SAVE) beside it. He/she then removes 2 from another Pokémon, writing (ATTACK) beside it. (because writing KILL just won't do for Pokémon)
    • If a Pokémon rises to 60 points, they enter the Hall of Fame. If, however, a Pokémon drops to 0 points, they enter the Box of Shame. In either case, the next player after them adds a new Pokémon.
    • All standard Trivia rules apply.

    Hall of Fame

    Box of Shame
    PLAY NOW!!

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