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Originally Posted by ahmet476 View Post
I don't like your starters. All of them evolve through stones and have only stage 1 evolutions. I'm not a fan of pokemon who only evolve once.

However, this is your game and you can't make everyone happy. Good thing you're sticking with your decision. If you changed them, then there would be other people saying they don't like them.
If you read the storyline you'd notice that evolutionary stones are a key part of the game. Hence why the starters evolve from them. Besides, it's not like there's not going to be over 200 Pokemon to choose from in the game. This is probably the best and most popular triangle with Pokemon who evolve from stones. If not, one of the only.

Also yeah, glad that you agree that it's best not to change them. At this point in the development, changing perfectly suitable starters is pointless and counter-productive.
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