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How do you think the anime should end? How do you think the anime will end?
I would first want them to gradually show him progressing upon ever Saga and now digressing into some noob as well as Pikachu, so basically stop nerfing Ash/Pikachu especially like they did after DP. Now that Ash would be progressing would could actually see more of a development of him as a trainer and a person. Going with that his battling becomes more refined and he wins major competitions such as leagues. After he obtains a certain amount of accolades then the show eventually wines down he meets his traveling companions and they have a big reunion party then all his loose ends are tied up. How it will end though, I wouldn't be surprised if they run it into the ground trying to repeat the same stuff they are doing, the ratings represent peoples lack of interest then they abruptly can it.

Will Ash finally become a Pokémon Master? Or will they leave an open horizon for numerous possibilities?
First they need to clearly define what a Pokemon Master is too Ash. Is it winning leagues? Is it becoming a Champ? Is it a combination of being knowledgeable in every facet of Pokemon related things? Probably more along the lines of numerous possibilities as Pokemon Master is so subjective.

Do you think Ash will ever meet his father? Will he ever give up?
According to a story boarder, it depends if they will use him in farther maturing Ash. So this all bears on will we see the development I was alluding to earlier. For Ash dad to come about I think he would indeed need to keep going forward and the writers would have to allow that and now keep resetting him. At this point though its quite unforeseen when or if this will happen.

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