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Bri smiled slightly at the absol. He wasn't afraid, but he was cautious. Getting jumped on and attacked was not what he wanted to do, so he made sure to stay a little back. He slowly stood back up and nodded, catching Bouncy before she could bounce and land on Brie and hugging her close to him.

"Thanks. Hey, um, what are you doing out here?" he said in a gentle voice so he didn't startle Brie. That would not end well for anyone invovled, especially since Nova was missing and Thyme was asleep.


Drake nodded at Rosalyn and flashed a smile. Did... Did she really just ask the self proclaimed Dragonmaster if he had more dragons? That would be like asking if the sky was blue or if Lance was the strongest champion! Of course he had more dragons!

"Yeah. Other than Killita and Zeal, I have Rena my Dragonair. And Maris my Garchomp.And Axy, my Axew. I'm looking for more dragons though, always." he said, hearing Ash's snarky comment. He turned around to face her, not even bothering to stop Killita from bursting out of her pokeball and flying at Ash, with the clear intention of trampling her and licking her to death, the dragon's favorite form of greeting. Especially for "dear old friends."

"Hello Asha. It's been awhile. Rosalyn, let me introduce Ashara Harris. She's a teacher here, which makes me think Professor Oak has lost his sanity. Asha, this is Rosalyn, a student." he said in a very mild, level tone, his eyes flashing with annoyance. This was not how he wanted to meet her. In fact... He hadn't wanted to meet her at all. Oh well.


"There you go! Your pokemon are fully healed!"

With that, Kiki walked out of the pokemon center, grinning at her two pokeballs. She sprinted back towards her friends, hoping that they were still there, and tackling both from behind when she reached them.

"Oh, I thought you guys had left without me!" she said happily, laughing and stepping back. She tossed Birdy's ball up and caught it grinning.

"I'm back!~" she said with a grin. She put the pokeball next to Cynder's and pushed her hair out of her eyes. "So, um... Where are we going next?"


Nova huffed and walked opposite of the Houndoom. Silly pup. Oh well. Volt growled at him, and Nova gave him a withering glare. But the manectric was either too stupid or too bold to back off. Nova rolled his eyes and focused on Doom.

"Calm down." he commanded, getting ready for a battle. This was going to be fun.
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