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    Okay guys, I'm here again, thanks for participating I like your strategies and this time I'm gonna analyze your setup, Aryan :3

    Infernape is the quickest one and assaults Electivire (lower defense) with Flare Blitz, causing major damage.
    Drapion responds by Crunching Pikachu, confronting its miserable defense with high attack and STAB combo, most likely 1HKOing it.
    Electivire follows by using Thunder on the remaining Infernape and he now has to face the entire team by itself...
    Infernape will most likely finish Electivire off in the next round of attacks, but Drapion will now have an easy prey.
    If Pikachu somehow survived the Crunch of Drapion, it will deliver some damage to Drapion by using Thunder on him.
    The only chance for Ash to win would be having luck on his side or doing some of his frequent and stupid tricks used in anime xD
    Paul is the predictable victor here.

    My next suggestion:
    Umbreon, Exeggutor
    Flareon, Mismagius

    ポケットモンスター RULEZ!!!
    Gotta experience 'em all!
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