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    Mismagius starts and uses Shadow Ball on Exeggutor, Exeggutor faints.
    Flareon uses Flame Charge on Umbreon, Umbreon with its superior defences survives with ~75% HP left.
    Umbreon proceeds to use Confuse Ray on Flareon.

    Mismagius tries Shadow Ball on Umbreon, but it does almost nothing.
    Flareon hurts itself in confusion.
    Umbreon uses Confuse Ray on Mismagius.

    Mismagius hurts itself in confusion.
    Flareon uses Flame Charge, but Umbreon survives with ~49% HP left.
    Umbreon uses Toxic on Flareon.

    Umbreon proceeds to wall the two opponents until it wins.

    Next battle!

    Crawdaunt and Parasect
    Camerupt and Sunflora
    PLAY NOW!!

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