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Well, I opened it in CrystalTile as well to see if I can rip the font, but I've found some other useful stuff that UnLZGBA never highlighted.

Starting at 0x7D8540 are some level-oriented objects. I can see, as of now, barrels for the Atlas Sphere levels, some numbers (For counters at the top of the screen), some kind of marker (For what I presume is the multiplayer Atlas Sphere games), various crate graphics in isometric position, various Wumpa Fruit graphics (Large and small), crystal shard graphics (for each frame, 10 frames), gem graphics (again, for each frame, 10 frames), a ? tile for Atlas Sphere levels (15 frames), portal graphics for the overworld (2 frames), (What I think is, but can someone verify? Look at 0x7DF6E0 in CT2.) gem shard graphics (10 frames), gem shard collection glow (10 frames), and CHECK POINT graphics (17 frames, but seems to be in the rom two times for some reason).

Edit: In writing a program I'm working on, I've generated a text dump of the U copy:
crash bandicoot 2: n-tranced

{color:green}developed by{color:orange}
vicarious visions

{color:green}ceo - chief creative officer{color:orange}
karthik bala

{color:green}vp product development{color:orange}
tobi saulnier

{color:green}project management{color:orange}
michael meischeid
jesse booth

{color:green}game design{color:orange}
chris degnan
tim stellmach
luis barriga

chris pruett
eric caraszi
nate trost
brian sox
viktor kuzmin
jesse raymond
mikhail barg

steve derrick
yin zhang
theodore bialek
christopher winters

shin'en multimedia

{color:green}additional support{color:orange}
robert trevellyan
todd masten
rob caminos

{color:green}special thanks to...{color:orange}
guha bala
nehme frangie
kerry coffey
ida thornburg
lauren costello
dawn harrington
red eye studios
manfred linzner
daniel suarez
sean krankel
carlos schulte
naughty dog

{color:green}kid testers{color:orange}
ben godgart
tom wainwright
renee matthews
tyler hickey
michael brunick
george karathomas
sean kelton
luke citriniti
ellen waggoner
matt spiak
greg izzo
joseph isaacson
jordan kennedy
ryan kelton
sean o'brien-macari
matt maurer

{color:green}published by{color:orange}
universal interactive

{color:green}associate producer{color:orange}
carlos schulte

sean krankel

{color:green}senior producer{color:orange}
daniel suarez

{color:green}sr. software engineer{color:orange}
gary lake

{color:green}additional production support{color:orange}
chris kirk

jim wilson

{color:green}general manager{color:orange}
nicholas longano

{color:green}vice president of production{color:orange}
neal robison

{color:green}director of production{color:orange}
suzan rude

{color:green}sr. product manager{color:orange}
craig howe

{color:green}assoc. product manager{color:orange}
michael scharnikow

{color:green}director of promotions{color:orange}
chandra hill

{color:green}director of publics relations{color:orange}
alex skillman

{color:green}junior publicist{color:orange}
sandra shagat

{color:green}special thanks{color:orange}
letty cadena
virginia fout
scott johnson
marcus sanford
erica dart
jason covey
jason subia

{color:green}testing by{color:orange}
absolute quality

{color:green}lead tester{color:orange}
matt kutrik

chris 't-bag' baguley
angel eastman
david freeman
john harold
richard padilla
trevor rose
david russell
tony sideris
jason 'butters' butterhoff

{null}{null}{null}{null}press start{null}new game{null}{null}{null}{null}load game{null}{null}{null}link game{null}{null}{null}credits{null}atlasphere{null}{null}link race{null}{null}{null}back{null}{null}{null}{null}waiting for connection...{null}{null}{null}a link error occurred.
the connection was dropped.{null}{null}player 1 wins{null}{null}{null}player 2 wins{null}{null}{null}play again{null}{null}start{null}{null}{null}game: {null}{null}map: {null}{null}{null}rounds: {null}{null}{null}{null}connection established.
waiting for player 1...{null}crash{null}{null}{null}crunch{null}{null}coco{null}{null}{null}{null}fake crash{null}{null}n. trance{null}{null}{null}n. tropy{null}{null}{null}{null}neo cortex{null}{null}dingodile{null}{null}{null}tiny{null}{null}{null}{null}n. gin{null}{null}megamix{null}double cross{null}{null}{null}{null}five points{null}long trail{null}{null}ring master{null}domination{null}{null}king of the hill{null}{null}{null}{null}bumpers{null}continue
and save
without save{null}{null}player 1{null}{null}{null}{null}player 2{null}{null}{null}{null}level{null}{null}{null}island intro{null}{null}{null}{null}prints of persia{null}{null}{null}{null}lagoony tunes{null}{null}{null}globe trottin'{null}{null}pharaoh's funhouse{null}{null}runaway rug{null}tiki torture{null}{null}{null}{null}hoppin' coffins{null}barrel roll{null}flockful of seagulls{null}{null}{null}{null}magma mania{null}run from the sun{null}{null}{null}{null}now it's istanbul{null}{null}{null}mister lava lava{null}{null}{null}{null}water logged{null}{null}{null}{null}slip-n-slidin' sphinx{null}{null}{null}rocks can roll{null}{null}rock the casaba{null}eruption disruption{null}spaced out{null}{null}king too uncommon{null}{null}{null}wild nile ride{null}{null}101 arabian kites{null}{null}{null}fire walker{null}evil crunch{null}evil coco{null}{null}{null}load-save{null}{null}{null}load link game{null}{null}delete game{null}save game{null}{null}{null}quit{null}{null}{null}{null}exit{null}{null}{null}{null}error saving data{null}{null}{null}save ok{null}cancel{null}{null}complete{null}{null}{null}{null}empty{null}{null}{null}delete?{null}overwrite?{null}{null}continue?{null}{null}{null}yes{null}no{null}{null}transferring data{null}{null}{null}error transferring data{null}unlocked neo cortex{null}unlocked dingodile{null}{null}unlocked tiny{null}{null}{null}unlocked n. gin{null}unlocked megamix{null}{null}{null}{null}push {btn_B} to quit{null}{null}push start to continue{null}{null}start: load-save{null}{null}{null}music{null}{null}{null}sound{null}{null}{null}resume{null}{null}warp zone{null}{null}{null}restart trial{null}{null}{null}powers{null}{null}crystals{null}{null}{null}{null}gems{null}{null}{null}{null}gem shards{null}{null}relics{null}{null}time trial{null}{null}none{null}{null}{null}{null}super slide{null}rocket jump{null}tornado spin{null}{null}{null}{null}turbo run{null}{null}{null}hold {btn_L} and push {btn_R} to break
crates and go farther as you slide.{null}hold {btn_L} and push {btn_A} to
jump even higher.{null}push {btn_B} repeatedly to spin
longer and temporarily float.{null}{null}{null}{null}hold {btn_L} for a burst of speed.{null}{null}{null}{null}main menu{null}{null}{null}quit to main menu?{null}{null}quit game{null}{null}{null}player 1 pause{null}{null}player 2 pause{null}{null}follow the wumpa fruit! collect 100 wumpa fruit to earn an extra life.{null}{null}press {btn_B} to spin and break crates!{null}{null}{null}press {btn_A} to jump!{null}{null}{null}{null}bouncy crates allow you to bounce on them several times before breaking.{null}{null}{null}{null}crates can be stacked. spin or jump on them to get past.{null}{null}{null}{null}do not spin tnt crates or they will explode! jump on them to start the timer.{null}{null}{null}break the aku aku crate to summon me. i will protect you from one hit.{null}{null}press {btn_A} two times to jump even higher.{null}{null}press {btn_R} while jumping to body slam. this breaks steel crates.{null}{null}{null}the crash crate will give you an extra life.{null}{null}{null}{null}hold {btn_A} while bouncing to bounce even higher{null}press {btn_R} while running to slide.{null}tnt crates can break other crates. just jump on one to start the timer.{null}{null}{null}{null}do not touch green nitro crates or they will explode!{null}{null}{null}spin the slot crate before it becomes unbreakable!{null}{null}the green nitro switch box destroys all nitro crates in a level.{null}{null}{null}{null}did you collect the purple crystal? did you break all of the crates?{null}{null}{null}{null}deep in the heart of hyperspace...{null}{null}{color:green}uka uka:{color:orange} that incompetent neo cortex. he cannot do anything right! his last scheme to shrink the earth failed miserably! you have been a great asset to the cause of evil over the years n. tropy.{null}{null}{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} thank you, my lord.{null}{color:green}uka uka:{color:orange} that is why i trust you with the task of aiding me in universal domination.{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} great uka uka, i am honored! and i have the perfect scheme.{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} allow me to harness my powers of time and space to peer into the future...{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} of course! since those wretched bandicoots keep thwarting us, the solution is to get them on our side. and i know just the fellow for the job.{null}{null}{color:green}uka uka:{color:orange} a new recruit?{null}{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} indeed. meet my secret weapon.{null}{null}{color:green}n. trance:{color:orange} i am n. trance, master of hypnotism!{null}{null}{null}meanwhile... {null}{null}{null}{color:green}coco:{color:orange} crash, heeeeeelp!{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} crash! wake up! coco and crunch have been abducted! find me a power crystal so i can look into what's going on! hurry!{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} oh, no! watch out crash!{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} i've got you crash!{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} something is holding on to crash. we need more power!{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} this vortex must be the work of n. tropy.{null}{null}{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} i've finally captured that infernal bandicoot!{null}{null} {null}{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} i finally got all you obnoxious bandicoots! would you do the honors, n. trance!{null}{color:green}n. trance:{color:orange} with pleasure!{null}somewhere else in hyperspace...{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} that took almost all the power i had, crash. good job getting the power crystal before you were pulled into the vortex. but, i'll need a lot more crystals if we are to put an end to n. tropy's plans.{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} that floating island up ahead will allow us to go to different worlds and find crystals. hopefully we can find coco and crunch and stop n. tropy!{null}{null}{null}{null}{color:green}crunch:{color:orange} oohh man...brainwashed again! thanks for saving me crash.{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} good news crash. the crystals you've collected have allowed me to open up a new area of the island. we can get to new worlds from there.{null}{color:green}coco:{color:orange} oh, crash, thank you. how did you break out of n. trance's hypnosis?{null}{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} something strange happened when you were being pulled into the vortex, crash. coco saw someone in n. tropy's secret base that looked like you. i'll try to find out who while you go collect more crystals.{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} n. trance, you blundering idiot! that was not crash! it was some sort of... fake crash!{null}{color:green}n. trance:{color:orange} how was i supposed to know? he fooled you too. besides, they will never find our hideout. not in a million years!{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} good job crash! with a few more crystals, i'll be able to open the vortex to n. tropy's hideout!{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} yes! we've made it to n. tropy's secret base.{null}{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} n. trance, you fool! they have found us! destroy them!{null}{null}{color:green}n. trance:{color:orange} it should have taken a million years to find us... how?{null}{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} time does not pass in the vortex... i had all the time i needed to find you!{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} you have one last chance to stop them. do not disappoint me again!{null}{null}{color:green}n. trance:{color:orange} destroy all bandicoots!{null}{null}{null}{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} noooo! i can't defeat all these wretched bandicoots myself!{null}{color:green}n. tropy:{color:orange} but mark my words. i'll be baaaack!{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} good job crash! you've rescued the other bandicoots from n. tropy and defeated n. trance! too bad n. tropy got away. if only we had all of the gem shards, i could re-open his space vortex and you could go after him!{null}{null}the end??{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} good job, crash! you've rescued the other bandicoots from n. tropy and defeated n. trance! lucky thing you collected all of the gem shards. i can use them to re-open his space vortex and you can go after him!{null}{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} congratulations everyone, for defeating n. tropy and capturing him! let's take a picture to celebrate!{null}{null}{null}{color:green}uka uka:{color:orange} that's it! no more underlings! next time you will face a real adversary!{null}the end... for now...{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} crash, these mayan ruins can only be traversed by using one of your favorite toys, the atlasphere. look out for nitro traps and ledges.{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} now it is your turn to use the atlasphere, crunch. but be careful! n. tropy has added some new dangers.{null}{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} crash, in this water world you will need to use your wakeboard to collect the power crystal. the waters are guarded by a vicious shark so be careful!{null}{null}{null}{null}{color:green}aku aku:{color:orange} the next power crystal is located in space, coco. you must use your space suit and rocket tug to retrieve it. n. tropy has sent a huge fireball that will destroy the crystal if you do not move fast enough, but i have created turbo gates to help you stay ahead of the danger.

Edit 2:

I've been looking at the text, and agentgeo and I figured out where the text is stored at for the Japanese games (0x5136C8) and I noticed that all of the characters, both Hiragana, and Katakana, are stored in there. So I looked at the first few lines of Japanese that are used for the main menu. I then made an amazing discovery.

Here is the data for 0x1C60C0-1C60C0F:
23 53 55 54 41 2D 54 4F 42 4F 54 41 4E 4E 23 57 | #SUTA-TOBOTANN#W
4F 4F 53 48 49 54 45 4E 45                      | OOSHITENE
This code makes the Start Button screen look like so (This is default, by the way, in Katakana, until after the ン character.):

Now, let's modify that code a little:
53 55 54 41 2D 54 4F 42 4F 54 41 4E 4E 58 58 57 | SUTA-TOBOTANNXXW
4F 4F 53 48 49 54 45 4E 45                      | OOSHITENE
Here's what happens:

It's all in Hiragana!

This means, that when it parses Japanese text, it uses hashtags (#), byte 0x23, to switch between Hiragana and Katakana. The example I used above is the first occurrence of the hashtag switcharoo, which means that the text, by default, is set to display Hiragana, but since it's also the first Japanese string, and it needs to be written in Katakana, it switches it. As well, I think it uses an "X" character to "push" text along. What I mean by that, is that the game uses it to align characters for certain symbols that use 3 letters, such as tsu and shi, or chi. However, it doesn't render them. Look in the screens to see this.

Edit 3: These games also have english characters too, which, afaik, are only used in the credits. LOVE MY TRANSLATION:
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