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Hello other lovers of Pokemon! I need some help with my team. I haven't gotten close to the E4, but I've played and beaten Soul Silver once already. My question is between which Pokemon to use in my team. I have an Eevee that I need to evolve and that is my main question, which evolution would be best?
Team so far (I'm still leveling up and whatnot so, bear with me o.o)
Quilava - LVL. 28
Dratini - LVL. 21
Flaffy - LVL. 28
Sudowoodo - LVL. 28

Now, I am wondering whether I should Togetic with the Eevee evoution Umbreon or Crobat with Eevee evolution Espeon.

*Just to clear it all up, I am still leveling up my Pokemon, and that would explain the low levels. Ahaha

Any other advice would help as well Thanks!!!