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Originally Posted by ArtsyPokemon View Post
Hello other lovers of Pokemon! I need some help with my team. I haven't gotten close to the E4, but I've played and beaten Soul Silver once already. My question is between which Pokemon to use in my team. I have an Eevee that I need to evolve and that is my main question, which evolution would be best?
Team so far (I'm still leveling up and whatnot so, bear with me o.o)
Quilava - LVL. 28
Dratini - LVL. 21
Flaffy - LVL. 28
Sudowoodo - LVL. 28

Now, I am wondering whether I should Togetic with the Eevee evoution Umbreon or Crobat with Eevee evolution Espeon.

*Just to clear it all up, I am still leveling up my Pokemon, and that would explain the low levels. Ahaha :)

Any other advice would help as well :) Thanks!!!
Hi Artsy. In my opinion, you should go with Crobat and Espeon. Crobat is strong and very fast, and its stats are quite balanced as well. Although I have never used it before, Espeon is known to be one of the stronger Psychic-types available. It would make a viable member of your team. I don't really agree with the Sudowoodo though.. Perhaps it would be best to replace it with a water-type of your choice - or just keep the Sudowoodo and evolve your Eevee into Vaporeon with a water stone. It's up to you, though. You may go with Togekiss and Umbreon if you wish. This is just my opinion based on personal experience and preference.

Hope this helped. If anything, just ask~ :)