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I can't really give the reasons that Spinosaurus really wants from well ... any of us but in general I would have to say Pokemon. I love both Digimon and Pokemon, but I've fallen out of Digimon more than I have with Pokemon. I've been in the loop when it comes to Pokemon for much longer periods of time than with Digimon and I keep more up to date with it. I don't think it's due to publicity; if I was more into Digimon then I could try hard to keep more up to date with the series and all the new games that are coming out. But I'm not.

Creativity wise I think both Digimon and Pokemon have has their ups and down. Some Digimon are amazing, and some of them make me go 'why did they make this'. The same goes for Pokemon. I'm not really the best one to judge though because I'm a fairly easy to please person and eventually I start liking most monsters in general.

Animation wise I want to say that Digimon is better than Pokemon's. Each season have its own characters and different story line. Something that Pokemon will likely never have. But, in my opinion, Pokemon has that charm that Digimon won't have because it changes characters every season or two. However, this isn't something I can completely say I back up on since I have yet to watch the newer seasons of Digimon.

The same goes for games when it comes to saying which one is better. Obviously, I have played more Pokemon games. I have only played two Digimon games but I did like the concept of both. Someday I do want to see about replaying said games (though it is disappointing that in Digimon World: Dawn I'll have to lose all my Digimon that I have trained). That said, without going into the whole 'nostalgia' deal that I might end up trapping myself into, I can't really say which one is better without playing more Digimon game: a more recent one would even be better so I can judge the two by the latest games and not games as a whole.

That said, I guess you can say that I prefer Pokemon to Digimon because it keeps me intrigued and into the series for longer than Digimon has. Silly, and kind of baseless, and possibly not even a good reason, but alas I think that is really what it comes down to.
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