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Originally Posted by synerjee View Post
I suggest a Dragonite, evolved from the special Dratini the guy in the Dragon's Den gives you if you answer the questions correctly. A dragon-type is always a good member in any party.

If you want, it comes with a moveset of my choice:

Dragon Claw/Outrage - powerful STAB
Earthquake - to deal with Steel-types
ExtremeSpeed/Waterfall - comes with the special Dratini's initial moveset & priority move/for type coverage
Swords Dance/Fly - Attack raiser/STAB

Hope this helps. If there's anything else, feel free to ask me/anyone.
Thanks a lot I'll have to try and get the man's questions right I never thought of Dratini though it'll definitely make lance easier with a dragon type and a ice type.
Also I think I might teach it thunderbolt instead of earthquake as Golem and Mamoswine already know earthquake or would you suggest giving one of them a different move?