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    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    ^ That's true and back than the main ds were lites I beleive, so gen III transfer to four was available to many.

    Anyways back on topic: Another reason I think remakes will be delayed is due to what a game freak npc said in Castelia city. One of them mentions trying thinking up stuff for a new game but seems to be having trouble (of course though he uses singular so if he's talking about remakes perhaps only Emerald is being remade...) of course it might not even be pokémon related...
    I would imagine that would be referring to a brand new game such as Gen VI and not remakes, considering Gen VI would be totally new so thinking up stuff for that would be much harder than thinking up of extra things for remakes like new areas etc.

    I don't think it even means anything at all, I don't imagine they would include direct production struggles and hints like that in the game - they probably just added it in there for the NPC to randomly say something.

    I just want February to come on over so we can see what will be revealed for the movie, that will give us the biggest hint.