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    As promised we will keep the update log updated.

    So, today Polish has continued his work on Battle Interface. We aim to have the best battle screen among the other pokemon morpgs, which won't be that hard as their current battle screens are all too basic and static.

    Note that he just started working on it, the pokemon are animated and he also already started working on move effects. The dimensions of the current screen are not final, this is just for testing.

    And I've added the interface designed by Apples into the client which I'll finish tomorrow adding the server side of it.

    Oh I almost forgot to say that Polish has been working hard on our current cache system, always trying to improve it here and there. At this moment it let us dynamically update the cache on startup without any major downloads, unlike many other games. And to those who don't know, when I say "cache", I'm talking about the resources that are saved in your computer (images, musics, etc).

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