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Originally Posted by RandomDSdevel View Post
Couldn't GameFreak just release the remakes in a way that users can transfer their game files from system to system as new ones come out and create a DLC update pack to go with each hardware/Pokémon generation?
What would be the point in making a game that you don't have to play? If you could just transfer your old playfile and beat the game why would you need to play it? Not to mention many things change over times and they tend to add new items that you will miss since you already completed that part of the story.

That would cause an error in data management internally as you passed events without proper items so when you go back to those points if you went in just for fun, you'd get locked out of parts of dungeons and events simply because you already completed it on the original game and the data for the new one doesn't show that you completed it with the new game, don't have the item to access and can't get the item because the script to get it was already cleared on your last save file.

Other than the technical paradox, they stand to make no money in a game that doesn't require you to play through to get the items if you can just port your save file over.

Each game also has its own GTS server by Generation. You cannot GTS trade a Gen 4 game and a Gen 5 Game even if you trade a Gen 4 or lower Pokemon with no new moves, Item, or abilities. So internet transfer cross Generations isn't possible either. I doubt they'll ever allow it either what with high probability of error.

As far as making a Pokemon Game as a DLC app for the 3DS or future systems, they could do that with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and forgo the Remakes if you try to think about that. They may make a little more money after converting the internal data to match the DS/3DS internal clockwork for the events as well as reconfigure the wireless capability for trading. If they don't try to change the Trade feature then we won't get them as downloads as Pokemon exists for the sole purpose of connecting two different people to force them to trade to collect all the Pokemon. That's why they release the Main games for each Generation in pairs.

So its a not very likely to ever happen in the near future sorta scenario as it kinda goes against Gamefreaks' reason to market and Pokemon's reason for existing.