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    Kiki grinned happily as she hugged Alex and pulled him up. She... Had forgotten where they were going actually. But it was of little importance. The fun was in the journey, not ust the destination.

    "We're going where our feet take us!" she said happily, walking over to Shawn and the weird girl with white hair. She hugged her tight and stepped back, unnoticing if it startled the girl.

    "Hiya! I'm Kiki, and these are my friends Shawn and Alex!" she said, totally ignoring Shawn's greeting, but focusing on one very important fact he had said. The beach! She loved the beach! She smiled brightly and hugged her vulpix plushie to her chest with a grin.

    "I love the beach! Let's go!" she said to her three new friends, pointing in a direction that actually led toward the other side of the island. She wasn't really thinking about the one right behind them being closer.
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