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Originally Posted by Pingouin7 View Post
Sorry, but if people are willing to buy a 3DS just for the next Gen. of Pokémon games, I'm going to assume they would be willing to buy a DS Lite just for transferring Pokémon over from Gen. III.

To be fair, you can obtain all Pokémon from Bulbasaur all the way up to Arceus without having to transfer from Gen III.
In fact, the only Pokémon you couldn't obtain between D/P/Pt were the Gen I/II/III starters and most legendary Pokémon.
Then HG/SS came and you could get the weather trio + Latias/Latios, while Platinum let you get Regirock/Regice/Registeel (Though it's true you needed an event-only Pokémon for that. At least you could trade the event Regigias on the GTS. :/)
Emm... You mean Rayquaza?
Maybe I didn't do that extensive research on that part, so my bad.

But I simply don't get the DS lite logic.
Why would I want to buy a much weaker system that plays DS games when I can play 99% of them just fine on a 3DS?
I just don't see why would people want to do that. It's a waste of money.
Maybe you can buy one for a very low price in the US or preowned/black Friday or whatever but some places in the world have to pay a lot more for a DS Lite, even if its preowned.
Kids... Would their parents allow them? Are you willing to take the risk if it were a preowned copy?

I wouldn't fork out extra cash for a weaker system (that my next gen set can mostly do) just for that one feature, unless I can get a DS Lite for less than the price of a regular game from where I'm living.

Plus, even if I were to complain how "awful" DS games play on the 3DS, I could have gotten a DSi XL or DSi (if you want portability) instead of a regular DS Lite. I am going to assume only a minority will go for the DS Lite route.