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Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
Then I'd recommend you stop playing Pokémon.

This is EXACTLY what is wrong with the community and why crap like Flora Sky is being drooled over and hacks that are actually good get ignored, and one of the reasons I quit hacking before...
Lol everyone is different and we all come here to play the hacks that intrest us.
So what that someone only cares about graphics, obviously they like to play games with good graphics.
Thats one of the reasons why u quit? Jeez you mustnt of been very passionate then because it doesnt matter, if you enjoy hacking then small things like that shouldnt phase you, or if u think the community has a problem then why start a new hack on here again?
The good games dont get ignored, virtually every hack posted on here has at least 5 fans so i dont really see where your coming from fireworks.
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