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Originally Posted by Mr155555 View Post
Trainer Type: Pokemon Trainer
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Drew
Where to put: seven island
Pokemon on team: Ampharos lv.100 thunderbolt brick break tail glow thunder wave
Feraligatr lv.100 waterfall (if p/s split is in if not then surf) ice punch crunch thrash
Typhlosion lv.100 flamethrower eruption solarbeam sunny day
meganium lv.100 solarbeam earthquake body slam ancientpower
espeon lv.100 psychic shadow ball iron tail calm mind
heracross lv.100 megahorn brick break rock slide counter
i know all johto pokemon because i love johto
Accepted, also the P/S Split is NOT in this.

Originally Posted by chen12 View Post
Hack sounds interesting. Can you add me?

Trainer Type: Pokemon Collector
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Jeff
Where to put: Battle Tower or Pokemon Tower ( or something similar)
Pokemon on team: (maybe in 40-50 lvl range)

If there is custom scripting:
Encounter: You look like a promising trainer. Practice with my team please.
If Win: Looks like I was wrong about you. Come back when you are more adequately trained.
If Lose: Thanks for the match. I hope to see you again. (Uses Escape Rope)

also can custom trainers have multiple appearances (e.g. with higher lvl or newer gen. pokemon in later areas)
Accepted, I'll put him in Pokemon Tower.
As for the multiple appearances, sure, it would be kind of weird with the different places at once, but of course, you won't be.

BTW, for everyone with the PKMN Trainer Class, I'll just use the R/S heros, of course depending on gender. I can also do the Custom Dialogue, but not the Escape Rope thing, I can't script like that yet.