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    I had SUCH a rough day yesterday. The holiday shoppers are really starting to show their colors, and I had to deal with two broads.

    We recently fired a complete tool who consistently priced items wrong and put invalid SKUs on everything, not to mention a lot of items have had price changes - pretty confusing atm. We carry some Nintendo toys that are about $5 apiece and one item some kid wanted to buy was ringing up as half that price, so I corrected it to the other Nintendo products, only about $2 more.

    He was with two older women, sisters, friends, lesbian couple, idk idc. They were vicious. Middle-aged hags, they freaked out. The product was not even in the computer (it used to be, which makes me think recent price change since they have to re-enter it, I guess). They accused me of violating the law by not honoring the sales floor price multiple times, when I tried to explain the situation with the store's current prices, they accused me of making excuses and said I was horrible, had shi**y customer service, demanded my manager's name and corporate number, wrote down my name, the whole nine. My co-worker who I was training went in the back to call the manager. The product did have a price change (I guess? It's almost never sold and I didn't know the price, tried to explain that to the wenches but they just accused me of more excuses.) so they got two of them with a discounted price.

    Whoever came up with "the customer is always right" needs to be freaking shot.

    On another note, a superstore (Midwestern version of Walmart) that I frequent has been shoplifted twice in the past week. The first time I saw a woman being escorted into a police car by a cop with handcuffs, and last night I was walking in when two ghetto guys walked out, the alarm went off and they kept walking, and by the time they got outside one guy sprinted like mad across the parking lot. Lazy security literally took his time getting the walkie talkie and going outside, the kid was already out of the lot lol.