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Originally Posted by evulpsyduck View Post
I keep getting this error:

Exception: SystemStackError

Message: stack level too deep

SpriteResizerin `width'

Game_Map_:303:in `in_range?'

Game_Map_:335:in `update'

Game_Map_:334:in `each'

Game_Map_:334:in `update'

Scene_Map:37:in `updateMaps'

Scene_Map:36:in `each'

Scene_Map:36:in `updateMaps'

Scene_Map:84:in `miniupdate'

Scene_Map:83:in `loop'

This occurs after the first cutscene and after player has choosen a pokemon and leaves the lab.
The event move route needs to be fixed. Honestly I wish there was a better way to set up move routes but it is built in RPG MAKER XP.
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