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    Well at 3.55 when this guy is asked about R/S remakes, he pretty much just says to look back at the past history of the games to see what's going to come next so this guy seems to be alluding that there really is a pattern. He would know more than we do, considering hes actually involved with the games - but we can't be sure they won't just break the pattern going forward like they already seemed to do with B2W2, so anything could still be next.

    Anyway I was making a list earlier of hints in B2W2 and thought Id just post it... most, if not all of them are known but I thought it would be nice to just have a proper list:
    - PWT there is Red/Green/Blue EVERYWHERE.
    - Guy with glasses in PWT mentions "Wallace is the champion of Hoenn. He was originally a Gym Leader. I wonder why he replaced Steven."
    - Ex Magma/Aqua members in Iccirus, they are in the same room as the sound designer which I guess you could say gives the room importance - not to mention the fact that it has rare access, only available through Winter.. so it seems like a pretty important house since its isolated on its own.
    - Guy in Desert Resort mentions the fact that the Go Goggles & the fact that the Mirage Tower in Hoenn has disappeared completely, alluding to it having sunk into the ground.
    - Water Cave/Lava Cave (Reversal Mountain)
    - Shoal Salt/Shoal Shell's being available first time since Emerald in BW
    - Dive balls being available but there are no Pokemon to catch underwater in BW/B2W2.
    - If you talk to Norman after the PWT, he mentions his son (the playable character in R/S/E).
    - The flutes introduced in Gen 3 on Route 113 are available in Route 13.
    - Driftveil as a whole can be considered a hint with emeralds all over the place.
    - Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza being released as merch on Dreamworld this month - it seems very random to have just released them like that considering the only other ones released were the B/W legendaries back around the time of B/W. They didnt even give a reason for them being released, they just did it.

    I'm not saying these are actual hints, as some of them are probably coincidences like the flutes on Route 13/113 but others definitely seem like hints to me.