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    Red/Green/Blue are also the Original three colors for the games. Most important things get those colors. Red/Green/Blue have multiple meanings in the Pokemon Universe.

    Diveballs were available in D/P/Pt and in HG/SS. Since FR/LG and Gen 4 their ability was changed to have the same catch Rate as in R/S/E, but while fishing or Surfing. Those Pokemon live underwater.

    Black and White Flutes were in Platinum.
    All the flutes were available in HG/SS.

    All the flutes lost their effects in Gen 5 while they kept them in Gen 4.

    Dreamworld Dolls, they released a Pikachu for Korea with Zekrom/Reshiram Doll for no reason. Manaphi was released August 17 to September 25 as a special promo.

    Magma/Aqua are in the house that was owned by Rocket guy. It was considered an Easter Egg earlier in this thread. Really, since they replaced Rocket Grunt, its seems more an Easter Egg since he was an Easter Egg. If not, then where'd the Rocket Grunt go? Is his disappearance the sign of Team Rocket coming back?

    Norman....I don't see why he wouldn't mention his son...though that could be an issue with the female players who played May who would then be Norman's Daughter. May was also Norman's Daughter in the Anime, doesn't mean much, but two genders, you'd think they'd have kept the genders more ambiguous if it were a hint.

    Wallace and Steven kinda conflict with another. Steven is Champion in HG/SS while Wallace is Champion in B2W2. I know they brought Giovanni just to make up for Blue being considered a Champion so they can fill the Champion's bracket with 8 people, same with Wallace/Steven, but that's still a major confliction since Emerald and Ruby/Sapphire are the same story told at the same time, yet we have two Canon excerpts that say two different things.

    This can be read way too many ways to get one answer from. 1 Way to read it, Emerald is Canon, so events of HG/SS are not Canon to the universe as Steven was replaced by Wallace before the events of HG/SS since there are points that match R/S/E to G/R/B.

    Another way to read it, Giovanni is still a Gym Leader so we'll get Kanto Remakes as well as Gen 3 remakes, either as a One Kanto and One Hoenn, or as something else.

    Another way, a fan speculation, the rematch clause, though Juan wouldn't be considered a Rematch in any way as you never battle him when you earn your badge. So Juan would be a new battle while Wallace's Rematch would be with him as new Champion. Could cause a bit of an issue with story, but nothing major. I mean that's the easiest thing to BS.

    There are a lot of conflicting hints now with past info with character appearances.

    As for Shoal items. They aren't available in B2W2. So they are added as sellable items in B/W and removed in the same generation.

    Because of conflictions, these are all pretty much just Easter Eggs which aren't really more than fun little quips the severely OCD fans (like myself) torture themselves over trying to find every last one. They don't serve much purpose other than just being there for the hell of it for our enjoyment.

    This would be a to each their own sorta thing. Me, they are Easter Eggs. Dream World is also something existing on its own. Its kinda like saying the screen for the Pokewalker was Black and White, that's a hint for Generation 5. It really doesn't have much to do with anything other than to give the kiddies something to play with along with the games. Again, everyone saw that Conquest was a Gen 3 remake hint and it has nothing to do with the current set of games.

    As for some sorta hint, a friend told me there was one in the medal achievements but I forgot what it was.

    As for the interview posted, that guy works for Nintendo International. They get their information way after Nintendo does. Gamefreak are the ones that make the games, Nintendo publishes them so order in which they are made would be Gamefreaks decision. Next game to be worked on would be Gamefreaks' decision. Nintendo can only say what system they can come out for if they want to push a certain system.

    The guy's job was also localization and management. Basically he just takes what they give him, gives them the English names and is a face to greet the fans and take questions down. He doesn't actually work with the creation of the games.

    Part right before he says "look to the past", He says "I'm just trying to get the current ones out the door, that's what I'm focused on. Honestly I don't even know what they'll have ready for me when I go back into the office." He doesn't really know what he's saying pretty much. He's giving the basic run around the question while answering what he knows. Past history is sporadic and no specific history. The History was also broken completely with not only Pokemon Black/White and now Pokemon Black 2/White 2