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Originally Posted by flyer1228 View Post
Yes, I collect events and as there are many characteristics for 1 nature, I want to know if I already have the pokemon or not.

You may choose 2 from the following (assuming that the Pikachu is one I don't have yet):

Many Pikachu events
Michina Arceus
TRU Arceus
TRU Dragonite
WORLD09 Weavile
E4ALL Manaphy
DOEL Deoxys
Concert Chatot
The Pikachu likes to run. Well, I'd like the TRU Regigigas, but I want it in a different FC...this is the FC: 3482 3722 6125.
I'd also like the Tanabata Jirachi. Make sure these are all legit first, okay? The Jirachi's the one that I don't want if you don't want the Pikachu...I want the Regigigas the most, because I can get the three Regis again in Platinum, which is the reason that there is another FC.

Also...I have just obtained a DW Boldore. And like my other currently offered DW Pokemon, it's female, so I can breed the ability.
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