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Here is another update for Pokemon Blue Mono Yellow Run
1-Continued on From Lavander Town,
2-Took care of the Snorlax blocking the way
3-Reached Fuschia city and Saffron City
4-Went to Fushia City's Safari Zone, got HM for Surf
5-Trained team up to level 35
6-Taila evolved into Raichu
7-Defeated Koga
8-Went back to Saffron City
9-went into the Silph Company ran Team Rocket off
10-Recived Master Ball
11-Went to Dojo and then to Saffron Gym
12-Defated Sabrina
13-Flew to Ceruilann and walked up to Route 25 and fished up Psyduck
14-Back to pallet town and sufed down to Cinnibar Island
15-Went into the Mansion and captured Ponyta

Badge count 6/8

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